All it takes is courage and commitment to achieve our goal that all children can read; Phonics First® is the key that is helping us achieve our goal.
– Marian Horowitz, Curriculum & School Improvement Director, Tecumseh Schools, MI

About Us

The Reading and Language Arts Centers Inc., was founded by Evelyn Peter as a result of her commitment to strengthening student and teacher skills in the area of reading.

As a child, Evelyn experienced firsthand the frustrations of not easily learning to read. As a professional, she has dedicated her life to ensuring that teachers have the necessary tools to reach all children.

After moving from Austria to the United States, Evelyn had difficulty learning to read. Even though she spoke and read German and Hungarian, learning to read English proved difficult. Her mother began to worry, but didn't know what was wrong. Fortunately a family friend sensed that Evelyn didn't know phonics and volunteered to help. She took Evelyn to the grocery store and showed her how to sound out words, using Campbell Soup labels for practice. Everything began to crystallize ... soon Evelyn joined the highest reading group in school, the Blue Birds. She wondered, if the children left behind in the lowest reading group, the Sparrows, were taught phonics - wouldn't they move up too?

This experience gave Evelyn a strong sense of the frustration children feel when they struggle with learning to read. It is akin to the pressure an adult feels facing a job situation that is beyond their capability on a daily basis. As adults we usually find a solution, but children don't have that choice or capability. It is up to the adults to provide children with a learning environment that stimulates growth and enjoyment of learning. At RLAC we create positive and powerful learning environments everyday.