My adolescent is dyslexic and Phonics First Orton-Gillingham method is just what she needs to build self-esteem and study skills. Also, the staff accommodates my athlete’s busy, ever-changing schedule.
– Jan, RLAC Parent, Troy, MI

Testimonials about RLAC

We would like to give many thanks to the great number of people that have given us such positive testimonials about the work we do and our passion for it. Read below to find out what some of current and past clients have to say about us.

From Parents and Students

Since coming to RLAC, my child, quite simply, has learned to read. And with reading, Mitchell has fallen in love with books. He loves going to the bookstore, or even to the magazine section of the grocery store, and simply thumbing through book that he finds interesting. He loves looking at books about movies, and has become quite a little expert at things like the Academy Award winners, directors, certain actors and actresses, and even costume designers. All of this is made possible because he has learned to read at RLAC, and is getting better and better at reading all of the time.
– Miles, RLAC Parent
My adolescent is dyslexic and Phonics First Orton-Gillingham method is just what she needs to build self-esteem and study skills. Also, the staff accommodates my athlete’s busy, ever-changing schedule.
– Jan, RLAC Parent, Troy, MI
Since coming to RLAC, my child can read.
– Theresa, RLAC Parent
I would like to thank you and your Team of tutor's in help my son Scott in his dyslexia and written disorder of expression program which was started back in 2004/05 and turned him around in the aspect of going to school and doing school work. He actually likes to go to school now and enjoys the learning experience, he still struggles with subjects, but we both know it's still a battle and will be for a long time. I writing this note as a thank you note and to pass on the great news of Scott's achievements at the end of his 5 grade year graduation (going to middle school now). He made the Honor Roll the 3rd and 4th semesters and unknown to us was nominated and selected for the Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement for his remarkable improvement from third grade to fifth grade! Once again thank you and your Team as you also have a part in his Award. Keep up the good work with the other children and know that you do make a difference in their life's!
– Peter, RLAC Parent
Since coming to RLAC, the hope that my son can learn has now become a reality. I now have tears and emotional feelings of joy, because at the age of seventeen, my son is finally reading.
– RLAC Parent
RLAC provides innovative, up to date learning techniques, I recommend them for ALL of your tutoring needs.
– RLAC Parent
My children attended another tutoring center for five years straight. My daughter is ADD and dyslexic. The other tutoring center was not working for us and my daughter now attends RLAC, what a dramatic difference! She loves to attend without a fight. I strongly recommend this center.
– RLAC Mom

From Teachers and Educators

The Monday I returned from the CEC Convention I immediately started doing core words, which cannot be decoded using "spelling on the arm". I was totally amazed! The kids were so excited to be able to read a story with "was" in it, (after two weeks of struggling), and the word simply spilled out like MAGIC! I also tried this technique with a little girl who has had the word "the" since September and can't retain it. She finally is able to read it by spelling "t-h-e...the" in her little books!!! My colleague thought I was a crazy person with my did the kids, but they were just as excited at this new-found skill! I can't thank you enough for allowing me to purchase the notebook at the convention. I will stay in touch and keep you apprised of the successes we have!
– Kris Kenna, Academic Support Teacher, Central Manor Elementary
I again want to thank you for teaching me the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching reading. It has been the best and most useful class I had in grad school!
– Donna Dunn, Teacher
Our students showed remarkable progress and our MEAP state reading scores jumped from 56.2 to 82.5 after only 3 months of Phonics First® Academic Advantage On-site Tutoring. I would highly recommend it to any [urban] school wishing to make significant gains in student reading ability. No school should be without it!
– Steve Christian, Assistant Principal, Fleming Elementary, Detroit, MI
You know you're on the right track when teachers are enthusiastically implementing what they have learned in the workshop and reporting terrific results! Firsthand training that includes skillful presentation, feedback and follow-up makes the difference.
– Lynda Theiler, District Liaison for Special Education, Lakota Schools, OH
All it takes is courage and commitment to achieve our goal that all children can read; Phonics First® is the key that is helping us achieve our goal.
– Marian Horowitz, Curriculum & School Improvement Director, Tecumseh Schools, MI