Since coming to RLAC, the hope that my son can learn has now become a reality. I now have tears and emotional feelings of joy, because at the age of seventeen, my son is finally reading.
– RLAC Parent

Educational Consulting

Phonics First® Job-Embedded Coaching

All teachers trained in Phonics First®

A teacher’s ability to impact student learning is directly related to high-quality, sustained professional development in a collaborative and collegial learning community. RLAC will develop a Coaching plan that complements your school or district’s literacy initiatives through on-going professional learning opportunities. Our Phonics First® Coaching is designed to ensure fidelity of implementation, sustainability and systemic change. The structure of the Phonics First® Coaching is driven by the needs of the teachers and time allotted.

Coaching consists of some or all of the following:


RLAC’s Job-Embedded Phonics First® Coaching is customized based on the needs of your district. Your RLAC consultant meets with key administrators and teachers to conduct a needs assessment and create a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals of leadership, change and sustainability. This plan will determine the amount of support and implementation needed for your district.

Your RLAC consultant will provide administrators with on-going dialog to further examine opportunities for sustainable change and student and teacher success. This includes, but is not limited to: providing support to administrators regarding implementing Phonics First® with fidelity, creating professional learning communities and future program development.

Collaborative Learning (Peer-to-Peer Dialog)

Your RLAC consultant facilitates collegial discussion and opportunities for reflective professional learning. Teachers share ideas and pose questions about Phonics First® instruction, assess outcomes and examine student achievement to ensure the program is responding to the needs of the teachers and students.

Collaborative Learning communities can include both grade-specific and cross-grade groups as well as key school and district administrators.

Classroom Coaching

Teachers receive individualized coaching in the teaching environment to enhance practical application of Phonics First® through active learning opportunities. Coaching can include supporting all teachers or supporting a selected few more intensely.

Coaching includes:

  • Demonstration and Co-teaching Lessons: Your RLAC Coach collaborates with the teacher to plan and deliver demonstration and co-operative teaching lessons. Follow-up discussion allows for reflection on best instructional practices.
  • Lesson Observations and Feedback: Your RLAC Coach observes teachers and provides guidance, suggestions and feedback to maximize Phonics First® program fidelity.

Coaching sessions are typically one hour per teacher per visit. It is advisable to have 30-40 minutes for a lesson and 20-30 minutes for your RLAC Coach to meet privately with the teacher for follow-up. Having a sub on-site for support days allows teachers to meet with the Coach outside the classroom. Alternatively, coach and teacher can meet in the class while students work independently.