All it takes is courage and commitment to achieve our goal that all children can read; Phonics First® is the key that is helping us achieve our goal.
– Marian Horowitz, Curriculum & School Improvement Director, Tecumseh Schools, MI

Classroom Scope and Sequence and Guides K-2

The Phonics First® Grade-Level Scope and Sequence is for classroom teachers who want to present weekly phonics lessons to the whole class. It is designed to move students through selected Phonics First lessons at a general education pace. Students who need intervention should continue to receive small-group instruction at their skill-level, following the Phonics First Foundations curriculum book and completing each Layer for mastery, regardless of where the class as a whole is in the Grade-Level Scope and Sequence.

The Phonics First® Implementation Guide is a companion to the Grade-Level Scope and Sequence. It provides guidance as to what Phonics First® skills and strategies should be taught throughout the week.

The lesson content from grade to grade is carefully crafted to ensure multiple years of instruction, moving students from introduction to practice and mastery of the skill for both reading and spelling.