My tutor is special because he makes learning fun. He also makes learning easy for me. Every time I go in his office it feels like home. He makes me feel like his best buddy.
– RLAC Student

Tutoring in the Metro Detroit Area

What is Phonics First® Tutoring?

RLAC's Phonics First® tutoring services provide individualized instruction to learners who either struggle with or seek enrichment in any academic subject. Programs are designed so that each student achieves his or her maximum potential and becomes an independent learner. RLAC's programs are suited for all ages and abilities. All of our programs are individualized to be age and skill appropriate. Programs range from reading readiness to higher-level vocabulary and comprehension skills. In addition, RLAC offers tutoring in all school subjects, test preparation, and will customize sessions to fit your academic needs. All children benefit from multisensory instruction which stimulates learning pathways. However, the use of multisensory instruction is critical for a child who struggles to learn--it can make the difference between success and failure.

What is RLAC's Orton-Gillingham Approach?

Based on Orton-Gillingham methodology, nationally accredited Phonics First® is an interactive, explicit, structured, sequential, cumulative approach to reading and spelling that produces results. Lessons engage the visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic sensory pathways simultaneously to master sound-symbol recognition and decoding skills.

About Our Tutors

The key to success is an expertly trained, certified tutor. Every RLAC tutor is certified in our accredited Phonics First® method and is required to pursue on-going professional development. Many of our tutors have advanced degrees in education and years of classroom experience. Tutors are selected for their understanding of and sensitivity to the frustrations many learners experience, as well as their ability to improve students' skills.

Leave Nothing To Chance

They say that chance favors the prepared mind. But the prepared mind doesn’t need luck. Academic success is the result of acquiring necessary skills and the timely assistance of an expert guide who knows the material and how to present it for maximum comprehension. Be it tutoring for a student who is learning disabled, dyslexic, has ADD/ADHD or is seeking academic enrichment, RLAC delivers quality instruction that produces big dividends. Our students acquire the skills they need to win success in school and in a global economy that demands creative intelligence and rewards it accordingly. RLAC has built an enviable reputation for providing quality tutoring on a full array of academic subjects. We select tutors who are proven experts in their field. RLAC firmly believes in proactive learning. And customized tutoring is available in any subject area.

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