I again want to thank you for teaching me the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching reading. It has been the best and most useful class I had in grad school!
– Donna Dunn, Teacher

Phonics First® Academic Advantage

What is Phonics First®
Academic Advantage?

Phonics First® Academic Advantage is a partnership between your school and RLAC to provide specialized and customized tutoring services based on your students' needs.

RLAC places our certified instructors directly into your school to provide targeted and powerful instruction techniques to small groups of students at all ages and abilities.

What does a typical program look like?

A typical Academic Advantage tutoring program is based on a needs analysis. We work with you to create a tutoring program that will meet the needs of your struggling students. Tutors work with small groups of three to twelve students for one hour, two to five times per week. Instruction can take place during the day or after school.

How soon before noticeable progress is seen?

When a student is tutored three times a week, one hour each session, noticeable gains are visible in as little as two to three weeks. Immediately, students are more confident and excited to learn.

Want more information on Phonics First® Academic Advantage?

Please contact, Cara Martin by email or call (800) 732-3211.